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Working together with a carefully selected group of partners, RYNA MEDICAL UK LTD is able to offer a full range of products for the Operating Theatre and hospital environment to include Operating Lights, Operating Tables, Patient Trolleys, Equipment Trolleys, Medical Supply Pendants and related products for clinical / surgical use.

Some of the products that we can offer are shown in our web site, but please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your full specification. Please click on the links below under our product headings. Each link is a PDF, please note these will open and will not save automatically.


Dr Mach Operating Lights

Brochure - Mach LED 120

Brochure - Mach LED 130

Brochure - Mach LED2

Brochure - Mach LED 5-3

Flyer - LED 115

Examination Lights

Brochure -  Halogen Exam Light

Brochure - LED Exam Light

Brochure - Mach LED 115

Brochure - Mach 120

Brochure - Mach  LED 120

Brochure - Mach 130

Brochure - Mach LED 130

Brochure - Makrolux

Operating Tables

Brochure - Schmitz - Diamond Operating Table - Cat84

Brochure - Schmitz - OPX Operating Tables - Cat60

Emaled Operating Lights

Brochure - EmaLed Operating Lights

Medical Supply Pendants

Brochure - MzLiberec

Brochure - Pneumatik

Brochure - Modul Technik - Pendant

Light Handle Cover

Brochure to follow

Patient Trolleys

Brochure - Schmitz - Patient Trolleys - Cat81

Brochure - Schmitz - Transfer & Gliding Mattress

Diathermy Accessories

Brochures to follow

Maternity & Labour Ward Delivery Bed

Brochure - Schmitz Pastura Maternity Bed - Cat88

Sharps Bins

Brochures to follow

Hospital Furniture & Trolleys

Brochure - Examination Couch

Brochure - Schmitz - Cat90

Brochure - Schmitz - Cat91

Brochure - Schmitz Medical Furniture - Cat70

Brochure - Schmitz OR and OPD Furniture- Cat80

Brochure - Schmitz Varimed New Trolleys - Cat63

Brochure - Schmitz  - Cat72

Single Use & Other Accessories

Brochures to follow