Schmitz Hospital Furniture

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Furniture for OR-theatres and outpatient departments

  • Quality features for all products of this line
  • Frames in stainless steel, round or rectangular tubing, Material 4301, electropolished.
  • Stainless steel tops as well as claddings are of ground, brushed finish (grain size 180).
  • All castors are resistant to abrasions.
  • Seat upholsteries of top quality, hardwearing foam rubber with antistatic black cover.

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varimed® functional trolleys

  • Fully equipped as dressing, treatment or emergency trolleys, anaesthesia, ward or ICU trolleys, our varimed® functional trolleys offer optimum mobility, flexibility and functionality  for every medical area.
  • varimed® trolleys are particularly easy to clean and guarantee perfect hygiene.
  • Individually configured by means of the manifold accessories such as the multifunctional rail system or the side rail system together with many individual accessories, the trolley can be turned into an optimum workspace, offering an added value of time-saving and safe arrangement features and safety.

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BMB Medical Accessories



Catch Remover - Innovative product

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CATCH REMOVER is an innovative product which improves the staff working conditions. In few seconds and by a unique gesture, you will move with security the medical  equipment linked to the patient. This is a time saving for your staff which is refocusing on the real important actions.


The Assitant is a multipurpose product for your patients and your staff.
This is the perfect shelf in your one day care unit: use it for your patient effects, a snack or the small medical equipment. It is as little as a IV pole. You can adapt it to every product with its star base.
It has a variable height and an optional removable 2-stage IV pole.



The Bedside cabinet / Locker is the perfect product to welcome your patient in a one day care unit. It is equipped with a secured locker for the storage of your patients' personal effects. Mobile, resistant and easy to clean, it joins perfectly a versatile care chair.



The universal meal tray is an accessory which can be fixed on the side rails.

Light and easy, it fits with all width of products.

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Telescopic Rod