New Victoria August 2016

Ryna Medical worked with the team at The New Victoria Hospital to provide a semi-turnkey solution for the new hospital expansion that opened in 2016. This included four Operating Theatres with new Operating Lights, Operating Tables, Medical Supply Pendants, Exam Lights, Surgeon Panels, 'skirtless' Ultra-Clean Canopies and Bed Head Units to the Recovery, HDU and Day Surgery Units.



FACEmed Cosmetic Medical & Dental Centre

Ryna Medical supplied the latest Dr Mach LED2 Hybrid Light with HD Camera to this new specialist private clinic. This new light has the special function to change from a traditional Operating Light to a 'Dental Light' at the touch of a button. This project also involved transmitting the video signal and two-way communication from the Operating Room to other parts of the clinic for teaching purpose, etc.