Ryna Medical UK Limited is the UK Distributor for the Evolution Head and Feet Patient Positioners from VascoCare. The Evolution range of Supine Patient Positioners offers more support, comfort and flexibility compared to many other products. Our Supine Head Positioners hold the head steady and provide good comfortable neck support for the patient. Many customers replace the existing pillows with our positioners as they are much more superior in functionality and performance, even compared to regular Gel Pad equivalents. These products don’t burst or split compared to gel pads and cradle the patient’s body properly in a safe and secure manner during surgery.


Here are just some of the many disciplines using these products:


  • Ophthalmic Surgery

  • Dental Surgery

  • ENT Surgery

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Cardiac Surgery

  • Robotic Surgery


For even more information, please see the following YouTube video.  

The Foot Positioners are a similar product to our Supine Head Positioners. These hold the foot securely in a neutral position and totally relieve the pressure off the Calcaneus bone while gently moulding around the foot.


The product was launched in Ireland and now sold in many European countries. Theatre and other Clinical Personnel are not only assured with the quality of the materials in these products, but also appreciate the softness and the seamless coating for easy clean and  infection control purposes.


The manufacturer put four years research into the materials used and developed their proprietary manufacturing processes around these to produce a very comfortable, supportive and easy clean product to increase clinical benefits to patients.


The core foam is a high quality Visco-elastic foam and proprietary coating is highly durable and can withstand extreme conditions. To emphasis the reliability of this product, it comes with a two (2) years manufacturer warranty.


We’ve taken some key information and highlighted these in the illustration below